It has been there for quite some time, and when I first saw it I must admit I did a double take. I am referring to the spray painted mustache on the face of Abraham Lincoln on the billboard on the riverfront at Kesler Park in Quincy.  

Apparently, the artist favored Stephen Douglas over Lincoln in that the picture of Douglas appears to be graffiti-less. Actually, I have debated about writing this story because of the fear of some "starving artist" getting an idea to further decorate the billboard. They would only be "starving" because instead of going to McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy's they spent their allowance on a can of spray paint instead.

It has always amazed me that one, these graffiti artists are really quite talented and secondly, how do they get this done without anyone actually seeing them do it. Some graffiti is quite extensive and would take a significant amount of time to produce, yet they manage to do it without a witness. Just amazing. However, this piece of "art" probably took about 20 seconds. There's nothing worse than a graffiti artist wannabe.

Hopefully, the Quincy Park District will soon be able to restore this Lincoln-Douglas billboard to it's original likeness which is the real purpose of this writing.

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