I am sure the when the word came down this morning that D.O. and the Big Dog will be catching all of the fish in Moorman Lake Friday morning during our morning show, the Quincy Park District officials sat up and took notice. The concern is that the two of us will catch all of the fish in the lake ahead of Saturday's Fishing Rodeo at the same lake.

For the first time in four years, the two of us will be fishing live on the air Friday morning from 7 to 9. Oh, we have done this before and usually with dismal results. The real reason to tune in is to see if Dennis Oliver will actually catch a fish. In the 30 plus years I have known the man he has never caught a fish with me in over probably 10 to 15 outings.

As you can tell, neither one of us is big on fishing. Perhaps placing a worm on the hook instead of around the hook might work better for both of us. We will be angling to bring awareness of Free Fishing Days in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri this weekend.

By the way, if we are "fishermen", we wear jeans and a t-shirt right? If we are "anglers" do we have to wear a tie? Just asking. Anybody know where we can get worms?

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