If I haven't said it lately, let me say it now clearly. I am so thankful to not be dating anymore because it's really confusing in 2024. This is a perfect example. Women in Missouri are complaining about 'beige flags' that some men have and I have so many questions.

Since it's scientifically impossible to completely figure out the female mind, I'm not sure I should really be digging into this, but I will anyway. Reader's Digest noticed that many women (including many ladies in Missouri) are warning each other about the beige flags in men's lives.

Can I confess that I didn't even know I had a flag? The truth hurts.

Here's video proof of what's happening.

The short explanation is a 'beige flag' is something that a man does that doesn't necessarily mean he has a problem, but it makes you stop and wonder why. The woman above is concerned that the man in her life sets "timers instead of alarms". That must mean he's a psycho. 

Let me see if I'm understanding this correctly. One Missouri woman is wondering why her boyfriend prefers Six Flags over Silver Dollar City? What a travesty. He's definitely not a keeper. Beige flag indeed.

Another Show Me State female doesn't understand why her boyfriend likes hockey. Don't worry. It doesn't seem like the St. Louis Blues do either anymore.

I asked my wife if I had any 'beige flags' when we were dating and she said she didn't see any due to the football field full of red ones. We've been married more than 20 years though, so she survived my warning flag alerts.

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