If you asked 100 people if they thought 2020 was a horrible year or not, 99 people would probably say "yes". That one person saying it was great year would be the local winner of a $1-million scratch off ticket. So just who is this man?

Well, he resides in Monroe City, Missouri and is happy he purchased a Missouri Scratcher's ticket at the Abel's Quik Shop in Monroe City. His name is John Fulton and he scratched off a Max-a-Million Missouri Lottery ticket to reveal he had won $1-million bucks according to an article in the Herald Whig.

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According to the story Fulton is the 153rd winner ever in the Missouri Scratcher's lottery ticket game.  So if you ask him if 2020 has been lousy, I am sure you will get a different answer than most.  Congratulation Mr. Fulton!


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