What would you do if you were driving on a lonely Missouri backroad and suddenly heard a bloodcurdling scream when you knew no one else was supposed to be around. That's what allegedly happened although I have some suspicions if this is really legit, too.

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Couple things to note. #1 - This video came up under a Missouri search, but I can't 100% verify that it really did happen in Missouri. #2 - There's some NSFW language at the end, but it's important to leave your sound up if possible so you can hear the distant scream at the end.

Before I share the question and concern I have, watch (and listen) for yourself.

Creepy scream? Absolutely. Now, to my concern...

Whenever I'm watching anything that's alleged to be paranormal, I ask myself some questions. If this person really was driving on a Missouri backroad late at night, why were they recording the video? I'm always suspicious when a video is shared in a situation where it wouldn't be natural to record a video. If I'm driving late at night, the last thing I'm gonna be concerned with is grabbing my phone to record something.

Since I don't know the backstory of this person, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. It's possible they heard or saw something suspicious prior to the recording. In that case, I understand why they'd grab their phone. Until I get more details, that part will remain a mystery.

I could not identify what animal/beast might have let out that scream. I'm not ready to jump to the "it's Bigfoot" conclusion at this point. But, I have no doubt the truth is out there in the Missouri woods.

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