Something is stealing fish at night along the Meramec River in Missouri and if you ask the campers and fishermen, they'll also tell you they're hearing things they simply cannot explain.

These reports are part of a fascinating new investigation of the heavily-wooded area of the Meramec River in Missouri by YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory and Ozark Hairy Man. This isn't just one person's strange story, but many and some come from men who have mapped the 200 miles of the Meramec River with GPS equipment.

"I started hearing things...I thought it was deer...but deer aren't snapping twigs...I decided to put up my recorder next to a remote cemetery...random snapping throughout the night...deer don't snap wood like this...and then I heard a SCREAM."

Sasquatch Theory via YouTube
Sasquatch Theory via YouTube

After the sound of a scream, he could hear something running He also found many strange arches in the forest.

There are many stories of something stealing fish off of a ringer while fishermen are sleeping. This even happens during the video investigation of the Meramec River part of Missouri as you can see on the full video share.

We know there are now black bears that inhabit the woods in the Ozarks. Can these large animals be responsible for some of the strange bellowing and fish steals? No one has proof yet of exactly what's going on, but the strange stories continue to come out of the most rustic part of Missouri.

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