I thought I knew every legend that Missouri has to offer, but I apparently was very very wrong. For the first time, I've heard a tale told about the legend of phantom hounds that rule a tiny Missouri place as soon as the sun goes down.

I just came across this fun YouTube share from only a few days ago entitled "Missouri's Paranormal Mysteries Unveiled". It speaks of the legend of tiny little Morley, Missouri with a population barely over 500 where 'phantom hounds' come out at night...

Phantom hounds that are seen in the cemetery there at night? Do tell me more. This is the cemetery (during the daytime) by the way.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

There's apparently something to this legend as I found a Ghosts of America site that does talk about Morley, Missouri saying "there are out of the ordinary things happening in this city during the moonlight hours".  One commenter said "The people that live there sleep with the lights on". Another said "I also had many ghost sightings at the Blodgett Cemetery" plus "if you don't believe you need to go and sit in the Blodgett cemetery".

"Chilling howls that break through the stillness"? I really need to road trip to Morley, Missouri apparently. Have you heard of these ghost dogs in this small Missouri community? I can't wait to dig deeper into this legend that is more real than I imagined.

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