What were you doing at 7pm Saturday night? I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary but something happened at 7pm that night. 

Apparently, the earth is slowing down and as a result, the last day of June was 24 hours and 0ne second long because The Earth Orientation Service in Paris, France decided to add a leap second to help Mother Earth out a little.

Until today,I never even heard of the Earth Orientation Service.  I want their job.  They can't do too much waiting on earth to slow down some more. You might ask, "why do it at 7pm (central time)"?  That's because it was 12 midnight universal time.

Apparently there are several factors as to why the earth is slowing down but the main reason is the tidal pull of the moon on earth. So as a result a leap second was added not to be confused with a regular second.  I don't know the difference but I bet the people at the Earth Orientation Service do.


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