Have you ever lived with a cat? If not, you need to see what a Missouri cat named Max did to his owners all night long that was captured by the family's security camera. If you have lived with a cat, you'll understand the struggle is real.

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This video was captured in Kansas City, Missouri recently and the family had this to say about "Max" and his antics:

We wanted to test out our new cameras so we thought we would record our bed while we slept to see what our cat, Max, does all night. I knew he woke me up a lot but didn’t realize that he was jumping on us and even smacking me in the head with his little paw. This guy must sleep while we are at work because he was bothering us ALL night as the time-stamped video shows!

It's a cat's world and the rest of us are just living in it.

Even though I consider myself more of a dog (and now rabbit) person, I have had many cats in my life. As a matter of fact, I ended up with 9 accidentally when one of the cats I had taken in gave birth under my lamp. Good times. Good times. One distinct memory I have of the cats I took care of was a Tom who would come and go as he pleased. He would come in to be fed dinner then went back out to prowl (for ladies most likely). He didn't really seem to care about me. He acted like I was privileged to be in his presence. Perhaps he was right...just like Max the wonder cat who rules the night in Kansas City.

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