Well, this is a new one. If you think you're safe in Missouri just because you have a hi-tech security system, think again. Reports say gangs are now using their own elicit technology to scramble home security systems so they can break into expensive homes.

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I saw this disturbing report from ABC 7 in Chicago. They said that gangs from as far away as South America have already struck 30 to 40 Midwestern homes just in the past 2 months alone.

It gets worse.

The thieves can get in and out of homes so quickly and quietly because they access the inside by scrambling home security systems electronically and wirelessly with their own tech. They're in and out so fast because the technique makes almost no noise and does not involve having to force windows or doors open. They let the tech do it.

The hardware that the gangs are using to invade homes isn't expensive either. It's readily available to anyone and doesn't take a computer tech to operate.

I'm sounding the alarm for Missouri specifically because these gangs originate from South America and seem to be moving southward from Michigan into other Midwestern states.

This would be a good time to talk to the company providing your home security to make sure they have your system prepared for a worst-case scenario involving bad guys trying to drain you dry and silently invading your home space in the process.

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