It was about a year ago that I ripped the National Football League and I will take the opportunity to do so again. It was learned yesterday that the St. Louis Rams have lost Sam Bradford, their starting Quarterback, for the season after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee.  It is the same knee that suffered a torn ACL in the middle of last season. The real sad thing is that it happened in yet another meaningless NFL pre-season football game.

The 16 game NFL season is long enough, but when  you tack on 4 pre-season games the odds of a football player getting injured during one of those 20 games definitely goes up. So the question once again is, why? Why must they play 4 pre-season games to determine who makes the team? High school and college coaches pretty much know who is making their teams and they don't even have a pre-season schedule. So it comes right down to what everything comes right down to...MONEY.

The NFL owners get two additional home game gate receipts at the expense of their own players. So for the Rams, was it worth it to get two additional home games gate receipts to lose your number one quarterback (arguably, the most important player on the field)?

When are the NFL owners going to tell Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, that the 4 pre-season meaningless games need to go away? The answer is never because they make too much money playing those games. For Sam Bradford, whose career may be over, it's too bad he can't throw a penalty flag on the owners and the league.

It is a shame for Bradford, Ram fans and football fans everywhere. Who will be the next person to suffer a career ending injury in a meaningless game? Bradford won't be the last one.

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