For years I campaigned for the National Football League to move the Pro Bowl to the weekend before the Super Bowl game. Well, not that they listened to me, but a few years ago they did just that.  The games were entertaining but now after what I watched on ESPN Sunday it’s time to campaign for something different, like cancelling the game altogether.The first half had some tackling done but the second half was an aberration.  Running plays just ended when a ball carrier was touched and no tackle was made. The whistle blew and the play just ended.  Oh, I understand that no player wants to get hurt in an exhibition football game.

If that’s the case then just don’t play the game at all. They should just announce the all-star players during the Super Bowl and forgo the game itself. Sunday’s game was ridiculous. No one wanted to touch anyone.  Heck, there’s more physical contact during a first date than what those players showed Sunday. If you are going to hold the Pro Bowl game, then just play flag football and leave it at that.

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