As Super Bowl 49 approaches, Wallet Hub has determined some interesting numbers regarding this years game in Arizona.

Among their findings;

  • There will be a 10 mile no-fly zone around University of Phoenix Stadium
  • The average price for a ticket this year is $4,833.25
  • The ticket prices actually dropped 18% once the two teams competing were finalized
  • 171 million people will watch the game on TV
  • The Super Bowl is to be broadcast this year in 180 different countries
  • 30 seconds of TV advertising will cost $4.5 million dollars
  • Anheuser-Busch alone has spent $152 million on Super Bowl ads just since 2010
  • $359 million dollars in advertising is expected to be purchased this year
  • 1.25 billion chicken wings will be eaten on Sunday
  • Over 40 different law enforcement agencies will provide game security
  • 7.5 million households plan to buy a new TV in time for the game
  • 20% of Americans say they would miss a loved ones wedding to watch the Super Bowl
  • The average National Anthem performance last 116 seconds

This years Super Bowl is of course between the Patriots and Seahawks, but which two teams would you pick to play in your dream matchup?

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