When you look at this year's National Football League Super Bowl logo you won't find any Roman numerals. For 49 previous Super Bowls, the game's logo has always included Roman numerals, but this year we will move from Super Bowl XLIX (see above) to Super Bowl 50. 

When I was a kid in school they actually spent time teaching me and my fellow students Roman numerals. Do they still do it today? I can honestly tell you that the only time I ever encounter Roman numerals anymore is at the beginning of a movie (when they flash the title), on an occasional clock and when I read about the NFL’s Super Bowl Game. Those are the only times I ever see it. I have to ask the question “why did I need to know them in the first place?”

Now comes word that the NFL has decided NOT to use the Roman numeral “L” to represent the 50th year of the game in the season ahead. Well, since I really don’t attend too many movies, that means I may never see a Roman numeral this year. How will I ever get by?

The NFL’s branding committee, in an attempt to come up with a logo for the Super Bowl, tried to use the letter “L,” which is the Roman numeral for 50, but it just did not look good standing alone. Therefore, they created a logo using the Arabic number 50 and intend on returning to Roman numerals next year for Super Bowl LI.

Ah, thank goodness. I would not want to waste my Roman numeral knowledge on this February IV, MMXVI.

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