Quincy has it's share of car wash options. Well whatch out because it is the year in Quincy for the SUPER SUPER car wash!

There are two choices in and around Quincy  for the fan of the SUPER SUPER car wash. I'm sure you have seen them. One is out on 48th and Oak in Quincy and another is in West Quincy, right by the AYERCO.

I know the one out at 48th street has an attendent. He, or she, even has a little office to sit in while they wait for cutomers. I've seen many cars line up  for it. The one over at West Quincy seems to do a brisk business too.

I have not used the service of either SUPER SUPER car wash so I cannot give you any details about the cost or how people feel about them. I just know they are there for your pleasure. If you get a second, drop me a note and let me know how you feel about the SUPER SUPER car wash agenda. Do we need more car wash options in Quincy? How many car wash options are out there? Let us know.

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