It has become apparent to me that some fans of NASCAR are taking their viewing to the streets. For weeks now I seem to be seeing a pattern of vehicles with NASCAR emblems or with Junior's number on the windows driving "a little bit" above the speed limit. Could this become an epidemic in America?  I blame it on NASCAR! You watch these high speed drivers and then get behind your own wheel and all of a sudden 30 MPH seems like 20 MPH? Is that what is happening?  I blame it on NASCAR!

The other morning coming to work in the 5 am hour I was driving the speed limit of 30 MPH and before I could see him coming behind me he blew past me at least going 60 MPH. I blame it on NASCAR!

Then during last week's icy conditions I had two different people "riding my draft" going a whopping 20 MPH. Why they needed to try to have an affair with my bumper is beyond me. I blame it on NASCAR!

You know what really worries me? We are currently driving in NASCAR's off-season. Daytona don't happen until February! I just might have to stay off the road then.

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