If you’ve not yet been introduced to the internet phenomenon that is amateur meteorologist Frankie MacDonald, then strap in tight. We’re about to go for a ride.

Frankie is arguably Youtube’s finest weatherman and he’s issuing a dire warning for the state of Missouri: another winter storm is a-brewin’ and it’s seeking vengeance on our poor, toasted-ravioli-stuffed Show-Me-State.

To his 185,000 Youtube followers, Frankie predicts six to 12 inches of snow (OR MORE!!!) blanketing a good portion of Missouri. Best heed Frankie’s advice and stock up on pizzas, Chinese food, and cases of soda. YOUR SHOVELS ARE POWERLESS AGAINST FRANKIE’S PROPHECY!

Now don’t just take this dude in jest. First of all, he’s Canadian. Canadians know snow. Second of all, in 2016 Frankie predicted a damn earthquake. Like, he was all “there’s gonna be an earthquake in New Zealand” and the Kiwis were all like “I dunt think so, mate, g’day”. Less than a month later, you guessed it. Earthquake. The man knows what he’s talking about.

So brace yourselves, Missourians. Frankie doesn’t make mistakes. We’re all screwed.

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