Where do you go if every worst case scenario becomes reality? For decades, the government had bunkers built deep underground in Missouri. Now, they've been decommissioned and you can see inside what surviving the "end of the world" might really be like.

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Perhaps you've heard that the Doomsday Clock was just moved closer to midnight due to concerns over nuclear weapon use in the Ukraine war. That makes these underground bunkers in Missouri as timely as ever.

There are no exact locations provided for the underground bunkers that are now being renovated by Defcon Manufacturing. Only that they're "in Missouri" and they're deep underground. These were originally built back in the 1950's and 1960's during the height of the Cold War. Notice the huge blast doors made to withstand a direct nuclear attack.

What's interesting is these old doomsday bunkers are now being made into bunkers and storm shelters you can hypothetically live in. The company that is renovating these spaces is based in Independence, Missouri. Good possibility these are located somewhere in the western part of the Show Me State, but it's kept secret for a reason.

Some of these old bunkers are made into exotic homes with lots of amenities. No prices are given on their website, but the features include air and water filtration, bullet-proof (and sometimes blast-proof) doors and even some undisclosed luxury features. Who says the end of the world can't be fun?

These raw videos give you an idea of what these old underground bunkers look like before they're modernized. You can see the Defcon website for floor plans on what they can be made into...when the end comes.

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