I don't like to add my opinion to a news story, but I will in this case. There's a ban in a Missouri city that does not make sense and it may cost a family their beloved pets.

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I saw this story first shared on Yahoo News. It's a report from Fox 4 out of Kansas City about the ban of pit bulls in Independence, Missouri. They say that the ordinance has been in place for decades, but is just now being enforced on a Missouri family.

I don't find it strange that there's a ban on pit bulls, but it's this specific ordinance that doesn't make sense. It doesn't just ban the pit bull breed, but any animal that shares "the main characteristics of pit bulls". I'm confounded and I'm not alone.

A former city councilwoman who voted against the ban said she doesn't believe it's a problem with the pit bull breed, but an issue with bad owners. I would concur.

A local Kansas City pet group, KC Pet Project, that keeps data on dog attacks say there is no evidence that pit bulls are more likely to attack than any other breed.

The TV report says the Mayor of Independence, Missouri wants the pit bull issue to be on the ballot and out of the hands of the city council. Let's hope something is done before this man and his family lose their pets. Surely there's a better way.

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