A few weeks ago I wrote a story about a lonely duck that has been hanging around Moorman Lake in Quincy. It has been by itself all summer and now this fall. The duck has become a favorite of the people who walk and fish at the lake as he is quite comfortable with being around people. Unfortunately, someone, for whatever reason, decided they needed to kill the duck and shot it.  The duck ended up being wounded, but with time, recovered on its own. I notified the Quincy Park District of the shooting and they along with Quincy's Animal Control Officer attempted to catch the duck to get treatment for it. Those efforts were not successful as the duck continued to elude them with each attempt.

The story does not end there. The Park District is well aware that the duck will need to be captured before the lake freezes over so they will be attempting different measures to secure him in the near future to make sure it will be safe for the winter ahead.

As far as its health, it appears the duck has recovered nicely from its gunshot wound and is doing quite well at this time.

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