Easter is upon us and there will be Easter candy and eggs to find and enjoy. There are several Easter Egg Hunts being held in the Hannibal-Quincy area again this year. Of course, the intent of these hunts is for all of the children to have fun gathering the hidden eggs. It has nothing to do with the parents, or does it?

We are so fortunate that people around this area understand that these kind of events are for the kids and not them. Unfortunately, reports from last year's Easter Egg Hunts around the country indicated that things got a little nasty. In Macon, Georgia, an annual Easter Egg Hunt had to be cancelled after parents became violent with each other in trying to collect eggs for their kids.

I read about an Easter Egg Hunt in Memphis, Tennessee where this guy got mad at this woman for helping her kids find the “golden egg” which had money in it. The argument intensified and the guy slapped the woman twice. She got mad and left to get a hammer and hit the guy on the head with it. He ended up in the hospital and both were charged with disorderly conduct and assault. Oh, by the way, the “golden egg” had a whopping $7 in it.

Were they hunting for eggs or each other?  Let's hope things go better this Easter.  Happy Easter everyone!

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