If the internet is right, the best bakery in Missouri is located in a general store just off Highway 36 in Macon. Let's see if the talking heads on the net are right about this one.

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I'll confess that I tend to be skeptical when the internet decides something. Do I need to bring up Boaty McBoatface? That's why I looked upon Only In Your State's declaration that the best bakery in Missouri is in a general store with suspicion. The destination they're talking about is Koch's General Store in Macon.

I know that I've driven by and probably stopped in Koch's General Store a dozen times, but I can't remember it if I did. When you've driven west on Highway 36 as many times as I have in my life, it's inevitable.

Looking at the pics of cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and pies that Only In Your State shared, it does look like a potentially delicious place. They do get mentioned as a top 10 restaurant in Macon by a YouTube channel. So perhaps there's some fire where there is smoke in this case?

The article mentions that reviews of Koch's mention the staff being friendly which is very much a common thing in Macon from what I've experienced. If the bakery goods they offer is as good as the people, maybe Only In Your State is right? Could be.

If nothing else, it's nice to see our local Missouri and Illinois places getting national shout-outs. Congrats to Koch's for this awesome nod.

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