I was absolutely shocked to see the prices of these flights out of St. Louis, you can get flights this week for cheaper than dinner for two at Applebee's.

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I was just scrolling on Facebook minutes ago when I saw a post from an airline I follow, and have flown before, called Frontier Airlines. Normally when I see these promotions from companies (especially airlines) on Facebook I just keep scrolling because they are always too good to be true. But I have been itching for a fun getaway to end summer 2021 and was shocked when I actually checked out the deal and it was true.

The Facebook post from Frontier claimed they added new flights to and from Atlanta to cities like Houston, Detroit, Chicago, ad St. Louis. Well I clicked on the link to their website, and searched round trip flights from St. Louis to Atlanta for next weekend (just wanted to pick some dates and compare prices) and you can literally get round trip flights, there and back, for under $40!!!

Seriously, I am not joking, try searching for flights yourself (CLICK HERE), now not every single day you can fly for that cheap, the under $40 prices for roundtrip I saw were for leaving on a Thursday and getting back on a Sunday.

Honesty I can't remember a time where I have ever searched for flights and seen roundtrip prices to a cool city like Atlanta, roundtrip, for literally $38. It makes me wish I had another 5 days worth of paid time off to use!

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