The ice has melted, the natural beauty of a glittering landscape is over, and what’s left looks like a natural disaster. The New Year’s Day ice storm left behind a mess of limbs and downed trees. The City of Hannibal is offering help to residents who need to remove the debris.

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“We are asking that people place the tree debris on the curb,” Hannibal’s Director of Central Service Andy Dorian said. “We are also asking for patience, it was a big storm and there was a lot of damage on city property, parks and on private properties.”

The debris removal is a joint project manned by the Street Department, Parks & Recreation Department and Board of Public Works

If debris from the curb hasn’t been retrieved by Feb. 16, Hannibal residents should call the Street Department hotline at 573-221-0111 and leave their name and address.

Also, in order to expedite cleanup, the Yard Waste Lot at 701 Warren Barrett Drive is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dorian said, “We strongly encourage anyone who’s able, to use the Yard Waste Lot and not wait for the crews to come around.”

The city also asks that you not bag any of the yard waste for curbside pick up.

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