There are many who say they've seen Bigfoot, so that's no big deal anymore. But, a government contractor has given instructions to Missourians about how one could go about acquiring a Sasquatch. Excuse me while I grab some popcorn cause this should be good.

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You might think that I'm making this up, but I'm not. This is an interview just shared by Missouri Bigfoot YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory. Here's their description on what you'll hear. It really is Bigfoot capturing tips for Missourians in the woods:

In this episode, I interview a gentleman who claims to work for the department of defense as a contractor. In a previous video, he talks about his expeditions with the government! He claims they would go out in a group searching for bigfoot. The DOD guy also wanted to share his thoughts about a live capture, which I am 100 percent against. We need to protect our forest and the hairy people! Live and let live right?

And now for our feature presentation...

I would highly recommend listening to the full interview because the guy gives some interesting experiences and insights, but I'll summarize how you (yes, you) can capture a Bigfoot. The key he said is leaving deer meat (especially livers apparently) hanging in a tree then camping close by ready for the capture. Now I know what I'm putting in the cooler for the next camping trip. Sasquatch traps provided by Bambi.

While I'm obviously having a few chuckles about this, I highly recommend following Sasquatch Theory on YouTube. They are my go-to channel for Missouri Bigfoot stuff.

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