I will warn you that this quest will end with more questions than there are answers. I've just come across mention of a legend that says a bizarre hidden temple was found underneath a Missouri farm.

I was born and raised in Missouri and thought I had heard every single legend and mystery the state had. It's obvious now that I was very wrong. This new video short on YouTube says there is an article they found in a Pennsylvania paper about a hidden temple that was found beneath a Missouri farmer's field.

They assert that the report was wiped from history and do I also understand they're saying the writer was killed two years later? What in the world is going on. I also found their Missouri temple under the farmland shared on Bit Chute.

Comments are disabled on their YouTube share or I'd ask the hosts for a link or more information.

If you think it's too deep down the conspiracy theory tunnel to believe that the government would erase something like this from history, it's happened before when the Smithsonian removed evidence of giants found in the Missouri Ozarks.

I could not find any links to the Pennsylvania story they're referring to which actually fits what they're saying about a concerted effort to remove evidence of this find from the net.

Was a strange temple really found under a Missouri farmer's land? As I said, this story ends with more questions than there are answers, but I believe the truth is out there somewhere. Perhaps you might know something about this legend you'd be willing to alert me to?

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