Even with my admittedly rudimentary understanding of physics, I know this shouldn't be possible. However, multiple videos prove that Missouri's bizarre 'Gravity Hill' is not only real, but more than a little spooky, too.

If you're not familiar with this legendary hill, it's located on a remote road south of Kansas City near Cleveland, Missouri. It's a road where your vehicle will seem to roll uphill if you put it in neutral and it's very real.

The legend surrounding this hill adds to the mystique. The tales say that there was a tragic accident on this road years ago and the deceased return to push your vehicle away from the scene of the tragedy. That's one reason why many travel to this road to try it and learn the phenomenon is real.

If you'd like to experience it yourself, Only In Your State provides the best directions saying "head south of Freeman to the intersection of Missouri State Highway D and East 299th Street".

Researchers claim the rolling uphill phenomenon of Gravity Hill is an optical illusion. That may be true, but if you adventure there, you'll swear it's not just your eyes that are deceiving you.

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