You have a Model T. It's winter. What do you do? If you're a genius Iowa farmer, you turn that classic car into a winter sledding mean machine as a new video reveals.

This Norway, Iowa guy obviously has a passion for Model T's based on the description he dropped on YouTube about this massive man accomplishment:

Model T Fords have been with me my entire life. Giving rides in these cars brings a lot of joy and serenity. We are trying to save and preserve these cars for future generations. My grandson, hopefully, will be one of the ones that enjoys these cars.

I have to wonder why kind of engine does he have in this thing? It looks like it can really get up and go.

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Someone mentioned in the YouTube comments that they believed that snow tracks were really an option for the Model T back in the day. That sounds crazy, but I wasn't around back then so I'll just have to take their word for it.

I'd be tempted to adding a cannon to the hood and then you'd really have a war machine, but that's probably taking it too far. As it is, that classic Model T is now the go-to vehicle for winter driving in Iowa and that's saying something.

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