When I daydream, I don't even imagine cars like this. A new video share shows a restored candy apple red Camaro that was spotted in St. Louis and the word is that it's now worth a cool $149,000.

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One of my favorite Rumble channels Fuel-Injected Dreams caught a glimpse of this historic American muscle and shared a short, but very sweet video of it with this backstory:

69 restomod spotted in St. Louis, Missouri. Had a $149k price tag but was gone through to perfection

Dang, this thing is hot. H-O-T, hot.

To give you an idea how much TLC this 69 Camaro was given, good candy apple basecoat paint can easily go for over $100 PER GALLON.

By the way, that $149,000 asking price isn't out of line. Classic Cars has another restored 69 Camaro going for $159,000. Cowl-induction hood? Yes, please.

Fuel-Injected Dreams didn't mention which St. Louis showroom they found this Camaro in and it's probably better that I don't know. There aren't enough couch cushions I could check under to find enough coin to even afford the insurance. However, looking is free so I appreciate their sweet video share. A brand new Camaro to inject into my daydreams.

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