More than 10,000 Wisconsin residents move to Florida every single year. That means more than 10,000 Wisconsin people are in for a big culture shock once they land in the land of sunshine and oranges.

We know how many move to Florida from Wisconsin every year thanks to recent data shared by 24/7 Wall St. They say that exactly 10,167 moved from the land of cheese to where Disney calls home last year making Florida the 3rd most popular destination for Wisconsin folks only trailing neighbors Illinois and Minnesota for Wisconsin transplants.

Here are the most surprising things about Florida for Wisconsin residents:

Florida isn't all sunshine

As mentioned on Quora, Florida gets rain at least once every 3 days on average. Plan on showers nearly every afternoon and you won't be disappointed. Yes, the state does get more than its fair share of sunshine, but not as much as a Wisconsin person likely imagines. World Population Review confirms that Florida is barely in the top 10 for most sunny states.

Some Florida people seem to be out of their minds

The comedy news website The Smoking Gun is practically all stories from Florida. Here are some recent headlines:

I could go on and on. All of those things happened in Florida and I haven't even mentioned the man that robbed a Wendy's in Florida by throwing an alligator through the drive-thru window.

Finally, there's this stereotypical belief about Florida by Wisconsin people...

It's always hot in Florida...oh, it's not

Yes, you will almost certainly enjoy a milder winter in Florida compared to Wisconsin. But, don't think it's 70 degrees every day in January either. As a conversation on Quora mentions, Florida will average 60 degrees in January, but it can and does dip down into the 30's sometimes, too.

It's true that moving to Florida from Wisconsin can work out great. Just research the reality versus the perception before you make the leap to save yourself the shock later.

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