I have mentioned before my history of being born and raised in Missouri, but I also have many friends and family who either live in Texas now or have in the past. They can tell you that anyone moving to Missouri from Texas with certain expectations are in for a real shock.

This topic came up when I saw a new article shared by Yahoo News that I believe originated from Business Insider. It was the story of a baby-boomer named Donna who lived near Dallas, but decided to move to the St. Louis area to be closer to her son. She thought Missouri would be cheaper than Texas. She was very wrong. 

Another interesting takeaway from Donna's story is the perception that life in Missouri would be much slower paced than Texas. Also not necessarily right especially if you choose the St. Louis or Kansas City, Missouri areas.

One other perception of some Texas retirees is that they can move to Missouri and enjoy summers that don't have extreme heat. What a surprise they have coming once the Missouri summer humidity hits. Texas has a very dry heat which is why the sultry Missouri summer months can be startling.

I could also make a joke about how Missouri sports teams actually win championships (sorry not sorry Cowboys), but the Rangers did get a trophy finally last year.

Even having spent most of my life in Missouri, I am a fan of Texas. Everyone I've ever known from the Lone Star State has been honorable and kind. It's just that a transplant coming to Missouri from Texas really needs to know of the differences between reality and perception of what life in Missouri is really like.

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