I do understand their reasoning, but I must admit that a part of me is also disappointed that the federal government has told Missouri that it cannot use funny road signs anymore. Just the facts, mam.

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The United State Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration just shared a new manual which is about as confusing as all other things government does. Buried deep inside their red tape and formal words is a new ruling which Business Insider deciphered. Here's the bottom line:

The feds warned Missouri (and all other states) they must stop making road signs funny like this one in Branson.

CBS Philadelphia via YouTube
CBS Philadelphia via YouTube

Business Insider says the feds told Missouri "stop putting messages on electronic signs that "are intended to be humorous," reference pop culture, or could overall "adversely affect respect for the sign."

The original intent of the funny road signs was to get people's attention when they're used to seeing boring old "STOP" signs (and ignoring them). The problem is some places (Missouri likely guilty of this) took it too far to the point where the digital road warning signs became a distraction to that safe driving thing we were all supposed to be doing in the first place.

The good news for sign humor fans is it doesn't appear the order is immediate. They're giving states like Missouri until 2026 to get the funny road signs replaced. After that, you'll have to get your humor from the radio and/or your favorite podcast I suppose.

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