Andy Warhol is famous for his pop culture art, but he also used to design brands. One of those famous prints was taken from a Missouri museum more than 7 years ago and the FBI still does not know who or why.

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The FBI in Kansas City calls this one of their most wanted cases. Sometime during the early morning hours of April 7, 2016, someone removed 7 of 10 Andy Warhol original prints on display at a museum in Springfield, Missouri.

These Campbell Soup prints were originally displayed in the Springfield Museum in 1985 and are valued at around a half million dollars by the FBI. Who did it and why?

The why question is easily answered as UNESCO says the black market for art is "very lucrative". No, you won't find the thief selling these Campbell Soup Warhol prints on eBay's market. Sadly, there are willing buyers willing to put cash out for rare art like this completely off-the-grid and that's why this FBI case remains unsolved 7 years later.

If there's any hope of recovering them, it's due to the fact that the FBI in Kansas City, Missouri never sleeps and they remain vigilant 7 years later hoping someone will come forward to help them solve and recover this crime that rocked the art world.

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Gallery Credit: National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Missouri Highway Patrol

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