Early voting is underway in all precincts in Adams County for the Consolidated Election to be held in Adams County next Tuesday, April 9th. Early voting actually started back on March 25th and will conclude this Saturday.

To vote early go to the Adams County Clerk's Office at 507 Vermont Street in Quincy from 8:30am to 4:30 pm thru this Friday and Saturday from 8:30am to noon.

I for one have never understood why people would want to vote early.  If you are going to be out of the area, absentee balloting is always available but to vote prior to Election Day when you will be here on Election Day befuddles me. How would you feel if you voted for a candidate and found out something you didn't know about him or her later that would have changed your mind about your vote?

A lot could happen between March 25th and April 9th. You could even pass away after you vote early and, believe it or not, your vote would still count according to Adams County Clerk Georgia Volm. Wow, would that be interesting in a contest decided by just one vote.

According to Volm, with the same scenario, an absentee ballot would not be counted since they are not opened until Election Day. The argument I hear for early voting is that people just don't want to stand in line. I have been voting for many years now and I live in a very populated area but have never experienced long lines at the polls so that argument with me holds no water.

Election Day should be just that..... Election Day.  Early voting needs to go way.

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