So today is Election Day in Quincy with the Mayor’s office up for grabs along with several Park Board spots as well. I find it interesting that more and more people each year are taking the option of voting early rather than waiting until Election Day. I, for one, have never voted early and I don’t plan to in future elections. Oh, I know people say “I may not be in town on Election Day so that’s why I voted early”. Others just do it because they have their mind made up weeks before the election. It is that argument that I have a problem with.

Lets say you vote three weeks before the election ends. Then days before the election you find out something about the candidate you voted early for that you wish you had heard before you voted. Too late! Your vote is already in and now you have just voted for a clean candidate that may well turn out to be a potential felon. I know this is an extreme circumstance, but it is possible.

I’d like to know how many voted early and then died before the election? Should that vote really count? I’d think not, but believe it or not, it does count. Are we all that busy that we can’t take the time to head to our polling places and vote on Election Day? I guess we are.

Election Day used to be a “special” day for Americans, but like everything else these days…it’s been changed to what we can now basically call Election Month. I think I will just wait until Election Day so my one vote just might break a tie and really make a difference.

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