If you go hiking in the Missouri backcountry often enough, you'll eventually see some crazy things. For one Missouri person, that was a rare albino deer that suddenly appeared on the trail in front of him.

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This brand new YouTube short that was just shared by Hiker Eyes does not give an exact location other than the hashtag of Missouri. Look at this ghostly looking deer that seemed to be as curious of him as he was of her.

How rare are albino deer in Missouri?

Answer - VERY

Buck Manager estimates that your chance of seeing an albino deer at any point in your life is 1 in 100,000. In the overall deer population, albino deer only account for about 1 out of every 30,000 deer. The Missouri Department of Conservation confirms that number.

The Missouri Department of Conservation also discerns that there is a difference between true albino deer and piebald deer.

Mossy Oak says that albino and piebald deer have a much lower survivability rate as they are obviously much more visible to predators. That's one of the reasons why you are much less likely to ever see one of these rare animals in the wild like this Missouri hiker just did. The fact that he captured video of the moment now makes it something all of us can enjoy.

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