When you think of locations in America with tall waterfalls, maybe you don't immediately think of Missouri. But, did you know that there is one glorious waterfall that cascades down jagged rocks over 132 feet?

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If you've ever hiked the Mina Sauk Falls Trail, you know it's one of the prettiest parts of Missouri. That hike includes 2 very important points in Missouri. It has the highest peak in the state and also the tallest waterfall which features cascading water down 132 feet.

Unearth The Voyage via YouTube
Unearth The Voyage via YouTube

The Missouri Parks website shows that the Mina Sauk Falls Trail isn't a long one being less than 3 miles in length. It is a rugged trail that requires some physical capabilities that might not be for everybody though. If you can manage it, the payoff is more than worth it with the tallest waterfall in the state of Missouri.

If you think you're up for a road trip to Missouri's highest point that also includes the tallest waterfall, be sure to check out the official state website for other facts and updates on this unique Missouri destination.

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