Asking what's for dinner everyday, is one of the least favorite thing I have to do daily.

"Guys, what do you want for dinner?"

And the dreaded answer that I get every day:

"I don't care!"

And when I make something that I think everyone will eat.

"I don't like that!"

I can never win, and I know there are plenty of moms out that that agree with me. I always make sure that I have Mac N Cheese, plenty of PB&J, and of course my kids favorite chicken nuggets and fries. I can never get them to eat veggies, I know all kids are like that. But when they were little they used to love veggies, and now that they are big girls they say that they don't need them anymore. Its an argument I will never win, I try to win it everyday, but fail. Some days I get the menu right, and others not so much.

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So I have a solution...

Let me introduce you to the "Wheel of Dinner Choices". Spin the wheel and find out what you should make for dinner. No need to ask the family anymore. Just spin and cook what the wheel commands. It's just that easy.

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