When you're cruising down historic Route 66, you never know what you might see. Please don't freak out if you journey down the Illinois part of it and are suddenly at the feet of a giant muffler man. It'll be OK. I promise.

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This subject came up thanks to a fun conversation on the Illinois sub-Reddit page about favorite Illinois roadside attractions. What is known as the "Gemini Giant" was mentioned. Wikipedia explains what they're referring to:

The Gemini Giant is a landmark statue on U.S. Route 66 at the eastern entrance to Wilmington, Will County, Illinois. Standing outside the Launching Pad drive-in restaurant, the 30 foot tall statue is one of many giant "Muffler Man" advertising props found throughout the US in the Sixties.

This is the Gemini Giant in all his/its glory. He stands outside of The Launching Pad Restaurant.

If you're thinking "hey, I'd love to see a giant muffler guy", he's located off the side of the road if you're heading south a few minutes after leaving Joliet, Illinois. The Google Reviews seem to infer that the owners that manage the Gemini Giant are very nice and accommodating.

Next time you're up for a Route 66 road trip, I hear the milkshakes at The Launching Pad rock. Just don't have a panic attack when a big muffler guy stares down at you when you park. It'll be OK. Seriously.

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