There are very few restaurants in Missouri that have such a rich backstory like this one. It's a historic roadhouse along legendary Route 66 in Missouri that has served some of the most iconic American personalities over the decades. It also might be very haunted, too.

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The Big Chief Roadhouse recently got a nice shout out from Only In Your State and for good reason. As they mention, it's been a vital part of Route 66 in Missouri since 1929 and has served celebrities like Babe Ruth and notorious gangster Al Capone.

What about the Big Chief Roadhouse maybe being haunted?

I found a video share from a paranormal investigation that happened a dozen years ago where an investigator reported "a female entity told him, "go away," and then, "Bobby, go away."

According to the video description, a Wildwood, Missouri police officer has also reported seeing a female entity in the 2nd floor window after hours when the building is supposed to be empty.

Haunts of Missouri says that the paranormal activity does seem to be centered around the 2nd floor dining area with "weird vibes" and "uneasy feelings" which they attribute to Al Capone's "presence" there.

Route 66 News shared an interesting story about a Native American girl possibly being the "female entity" reported seen by many.

Is the Big Chief Roadhouse really haunted? I don't know about that, but I do know it's on the National Register of Historic Places for a reason. I'm just glad it's back in business after all these years to keep the Route 66 legend going.

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