Somehow, Whoopi Goldberg's name just seems to fit.  Can you even picture her as a Caryn?  Apparently her mother thought it worked when she named her newborn Caryn Johnson.  It seems Meg Ryan's mom got a little carried away when she named her daughter Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra.  Perhaps that's why Meg is just a Meg today.

Recently, I compiled a list of musicians who have changed their names.  Today, I invite you to take this quiz about celebrity name changes.  The answers will follow.


  1. Eric Marlon Bishop
  2. Carlos Irwin Estevez
  3. Mark Vincent
  4. Ilyena Mironoff
  5. Norma Jean Mortensen
  6. Ralph Lifshitz
  7. Audrey Ruston
  8. Allen Stewart Koningsberg
  9. Joaquin Rafael Bottom
  10. Thomas Mapother IV
  11. Demetria Gene Guynes
  12. Natalie Hershlag
  13. Tara Leigh Patrick
  14. Nicolas Coppola
  15. Diane Hall
  16. Olivia Cockburn
  17. Margarita Ibrahimoff


  1. Eric Marlon Bishop--Jamie Foxx
  2. Carlos Irwin Estevez--Charlie Sheen
  3. Mark Vincent--Vin Diesel
  4. Ilyena Mironoff--Helen Mirren
  5. Norma Jean Mortensen--Marilyn Monroe
  6. Ralph Lifshitz--Ralph Lauren
  7. Audrey Ruston--Audrey Hepburn
  8. Allen Stewart Koningsberg--Woody Allen
  9. Joaquin Rafael Bottom--Joaquin Phoenix
  10. Thomas Mapother IV--Tom Cruise
  11. Demetria Gene Guynes--Demi Moore
  12. Natalie Hershlag--Natalie Portman
  13. Tara Leigh Patrick--Carmen Electra
  14. Nicolas Coppola--Nicolas Cage
  15. Diane Hall--Diane Keaton
  16. Olivia Cockburn--Olivia Wilde
  17. Margarita Ibrahimoff--Rita Wilson

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