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Accelerated BSN programs are designed to earn a nursing degree in 12 to 24 months. They prepare students to pass their licensing exam to practice as a registered nurse. You can prepare yourself to become a registered nurse by enrolling in accelerated BSN programs in Illinois.

Accelerated BSN programs allow students to earn a higher degree and earn more as a qualified nurse. Nursing has become a well-recognized profession with opportunities to build your resume. The industry has also eased the qualifying process to encourage more individuals to consider nursing.

Can You Do an ABSN Program If You Aren't a Nurse?

Yes, you can do an Accelerated BSN program even if you aren't already a nurse. To qualify for the accelerated BSN for non-nurses requires a bachelor's degree or higher in any other profession.

The accelerated BSN is highly ranked as it provides nursing graduates with a steady income. These programs also mean an individual could access a quality education much faster to start their new nursing profession.

You can find a school that allows non-nursing individuals to study to become registered nurses. No matter what field you are in, the fast-paced ABSN program can assist you in starting your nursing career. The availability of online programs has also made it simpler for anyone to start on this journey.

Accelerated BSN programs in the online option complete all their course work online except for the clinical and residency. Most schools also assist with placements for clinical and residency hours. Commonly, if you're studying online, your college will allow you to practice wherever you are.

After completing your accelerated BSN program, you must sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) and become a fully qualified and ready-to-practice nurse.

Requirements and Admission into the Program

Applications are reviewed carefully to ensure the following criteria are met with all admission requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's or higher degree in any other field
  • Admission must be done before the deadline
  • A submission of your HESI score by the deadline if required.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on all your coursework.
  • A minimum grade of C in all your prerequisite nursing courses.
  • A total score of 75% on the HESI admission assessment exam.
  • An interview with the ABSN Admission Committee determines whether you're accepted into the program.
  • You must also submit some health data forms, a negative drug screen, background check results and health insurance evidence.

Benefits of ABSN Programs

Although these programs require hard work and commitment, they offer numerous benefits. The benefit of studying in an Accelerated Nursing Program is their fast-paced learning experience. Here are the benefits that make an ABSN program an attractive option:

You Are Qualified for Different Career Opportunities

With the shortage of nurses in many parts of the world, an accelerated program could help you start a new career path. It's a great way to expand your knowledge and venture into something different. Some employers also offer loan repayments for nurses who complete accelerated programs.

You Can Complete the Program Faster

This is one of the most significant benefits of choosing an accelerated program. It allows you to complete your nursing education more quickly than in a traditional program. A conventional nursing program takes four years, yet accelerated programs can take 12 to 18 months.

You Get an Intensive Learning Experience

Accelerated nursing programs are intensive as students cover work done in traditional programs within a shorter period. This can also be challenging for some students. Conversely, it also means the student can be seen as an asset due to achieving so much in so little time.

You Will Have a Competitive Edge

Accelerated programs give their students a competitive edge in the job market. Their intensity makes employers view graduates as hardworking, highly motivated and committed. Most nurses who do accelerated programs will likely be considered for leadership roles.

You Save on Costs

Accelerated nursing programs can look more expensive on a per-semester basis than that in traditional programs. Since a student completes their education in a shorter time, it makes it cheaper. Most accelerated programs offer financial aid and scholarships that help with the cost of tuition.

Start Your Career

Starting an online accelerated BSN program is an excellent idea, considering the benefits the program offers students. Getting a nursing degree is lucrative, considering what the job market offers. A 12 to 24-month sacrifice could have you ranking high in your career or give you a change from your current one.

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