You never know when you'll be in a situation where someone's life is on the line, but that's what happened to a Missouri high school student who is credited with saving a police officer's life who was injured in a shooting.

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NewsNation shared an interview with Ava Donegan, a 17-year-old student at Oak Park High School in Missouri. As Ava tells it, she and her boyfriend were going to Excelsior Springs, Missouri to a thrift shop. The shops were closed so they headed back to Kansas City. While stopped at a traffic light, they witnessed a shooting.

During the incident, Ava saw a police officer who was shot who needed help. She went to his aid. Ava says her dad is a nurse who has shown her since she was little how to apply a tourniquet in an emergency. That's exactly what this officer needed. Ava had one in her car.

After Ava applied the tourniquet, the officer described numbness and a burning sensation which were both stages that Ava had learned when her dad taught her about applying a tourniquet.

The officer was taken to a hospital and is expected to be fine based on reports. The story could have been much different and tragic if not for Ava's bravery and quick thinking.

Ava Donegon of Oak Park High School is yet another example of how the younger generation is gonna be just fine if there are more people like her.

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