Cakes, pies, pastries, chocolate bombs, cinnamon rolls—pretty much all the treats to satisfy your sweet tooth—are available at a new bakery in Hannibal.

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Confection Obsessions opened just last week. It’s a mobile bakery that’s parked in the Huck Finn Shopping Center, behind Gabriella’s Restaurant. It’s a small, country-style bakery that specializes in the classics and gourmet desserts. The items in stock change daily and the hours are flexible depending on how fast the treats fly out the door. The bakery is also ready to fill special orders, including wedding and birthday cakes, cookie trays, chocolate-covered strawberries, individual cheesecakes and more. Deserea Cullom is the pasty chef at Confection Obsessions.

 “It all started with my grandmother’s worn down ‘cookbooks’, if you could call them that. Old pieces of newspaper and potato sacks that recipes were scribbled on by my family before me. As a young girl I started learning how to bake from my mother and grandma. I soon come to fall in love with the art, and so I took it and ran.”

You can stop by the mobile bakery off Stardust Avenue to choose from the loaded shelves, or go to the company's website to place special orders.

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