Hannibal's 11th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza is a go!

It feels soooo good after all these months of events in the Tri-States being cancelled or postponed to make the announcement of an event actually happening! Especially when it is a can't miss, favorite event in the Hannibal area, Chocolate Extravaganza is back for the 11th Annual edition!

In a Facebook event called 11th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza hosted by Historic Downtown Hannibal and Visit Hannibal MO, they say the event is scheduled for March 11th through March 14th in Downtown Hannibal. You can buy your passport to the event starting February 1st, and they go on to say...

"An event for the sweetest of souls, Chocolate Extravaganza dedicates an entire day to the sweet that we all love!...Standard Passports include 5 tickets that are redeemable for your choice of exclusive gifts from downtown merchants during the Chocolate Extravaganza festival such as classic sweets and treats, Chocolate-decadent-themed retail items, and more. They serve as your guide to a day of indulgence and relaxation in the heart of historic downtown Hannibal. All business offer passport items on Saturday and select businesses on Friday and Sunday."

To learn more about the event check out their Facebook page by clicking here!

This is a can't miss event for anyone with a sweet tooth in the Tri-States, but I also feel like this is the perfect event to invite friends and family from other parts of the country to come, visit and explore everything that Historic Downtown Hannibal has to offer

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