I tend to be a very skeptical person, so I'm sharing this with a very large dose of caution. There's a Missouri spring that some say has healing powers. Is that true? Legends say yes, but what does reality say? Let's find out.

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The healing waters in question are Welsh Spring in Missouri. It's a part of the Ozark National Waterways in southern Missouri. If you're not familiar with the area, it's a gorgeous place.

Welsh Spring has become a topic thanks to a recent article by Only In Your State that talked about legends claiming the water there heals. The belief likely stems from the fact that this region used to be home to an old hospital that was built to deal with those stricken with tuberculosis.

Not About The Destination via YouTube
Not About The Destination via YouTube

The National Park Service has the interesting history of what was known as Welch Hospital which was built by C.H. Diehl who was a doctor in Illinois. The hospital was built over the mouth of a cave and the spring which forced more air out of the cave and into the hospital. There was only one problem with the doctor's theory...it didn't heal tuberculosis. That led to the hospital's closure after the doctor died in 1940 and the building has fallen into decay in the decades since.

That old hospital is likely the real source of the stories and theories that Welch Spring could heal. Could it make you feel better maybe? For relaxation, absolutely. Medically healing tuberculosis? Nope.

It still remains a beautiful place to visit, but be warned that the trails leading to Welch Spring and the hospital ruins are not for the faint of heart. It's a tough and dangerous hike. Do only if you're up to the task and at your own risk, if you do it at all.

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