I have two thoughts about what I'll admit is a funny way that a citizen of the British Isles just described the United States. Specifically, it's their one word description of Wisconsin that is both accurate (most of the time) and also a bit limiting.

I think I've proven over the years that I'm more than willing to laugh at myself (and others). That's why I didn't take it personally when a map shared on Reddit by a British citizen seemed like a rather large putdown. There's a reason though why this is one of the most popular maps ever shared on Reddit.

How I, a Brit, see the United States (Sorry if it offends anyone)
byu/DavidMcFarlanee inMapPorn

If you somehow can't read the small print on your device, I'll save you some time. Wisconsin along with Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana are described with the one word label "COLD". Not wrong.

I suppose the cynic in me wishes this British person who likely isn't a prince, princess or even Spice Girl would have taken the time to learn that Wisconsin is much more than just "cold". Hey, at least they didn't just label the state as "CHEESE" because that could have happened, too. "BEER" would have been another stereotypical (and accurate) word also.

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