It turns the legendary WWE wrestler Kane is a big ol’ softie. He choked up when his friend the Undertaker, told his ring-side half brother that he was the latest inductee into the World Wrestling Hall of Fame.

“Are you serious about that?” Kane asked the Undertaker when he got the news. The Undertaker replied, “There’s no Hall of Fame without Kane. You’re the man.” And that’s when Kane’s eyes filled with tears. Check out the video. It’s pretty touching for a tough guy.

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Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, grew up on a farm in Bowling Green, Missouri. He dominated the court and the field for the Bobcats in the mid ‘80s. He translated his big, burly frame into two decades of fame and dominance on the WWF/WWE circuit.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Jacobs credited his success to the willingness to reinvent himself. He made his debut on the professional circuit as Angus King. He later evolved to Isaac Yankem, the Russian Dentist. Those profiles never caught on in the wrestling ring. It was when he adopted the character Kane that his career skyrocketed, launching him into three World Champion belts and 12 tag-team titles.

Wikipedia has a lengthy recitation of Jacob’s accomplishments, but he said his inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame tops the list. “For me, it doesn’t get any better than this,” Jacobs says. “The WWE Hall of Fame is a who’s who of wrestling greats, the greatest superstars of all-time, and it is the greatest honor of my career to be inducted into it.”

I knew Glenn well enough to say hi when we attended college in Kirksville in the late ‘80s. He was an English Lit major of all things. Standing at 6’8”, he was quite literally the Big Man on Campus (the WWE claimed his height at 7 foot).  He played for the Bulldog’s football and basketball teams. He also played at Quincy University for a time. As he moved into wrestling, it was great fun for those of us who knew him back when to follow his meteoric rise in his career. Not many people can claim they hit Pete Rose with a Tombstone Piledriver at WrestleMania.

If you’re wondering where Kane is these days, you might be surprised where he landed. Glenn Jacobs is the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He’s had a heck of journey from his farm days in Pike County. Congratulations Glenn! Enjoy the ride.

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