The white stuff will be here before you know it and if you like a little adventure then you might want to check out snow tubing this winter.

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Ok, so it's not snowing yet, but you know it's coming. And we may have a few places here in the Tri-States that are great for sledding, but if you're looking for something a little bit more thrilling you might want to try snow tubing.  An outdoor spot that takes gravity and water tubes to a whole other level.

Villa Olivia

About 45 minutes outside of Chicago, this resort is known for being one of the best in the state for snow tubing. This resort is so popular that if you're planning on going, make sure to book a reservation in advance. More than just snow tubing there is skiing, snowboarding, and a perfect winter getaway for the family.

Snowstar Winter Park

Skiing, ziplining, snow tubing what is not to like about this winter park? There are 11 different tuning lanes to race each other down a massive snow hill. Known for being a great place tp avoid crowds and lines with a ton of activities to do.

Mt. Hoy Snow Tubing at Blackwell Forest Preserve

You will find the longest snow tubing trail at Mt. Hoy. The 800-foot tubing hill you are sure to have a thrill. The trail is located in central Illinois and is only open on certain dates and school holidays. The best part is, tube rentals are just $10 and you can tube as long as you want for all-day access to the hill.

The Snow Park at Alpine Hills

Alpine Hills in Rockford, Illinois is an open year with hiking trails in the summer and then snow trails in the winter. This is a safe family-friendly park to enjoy during the winter months. Because of that, the park is extremely busy, and highly recommends that if you are planning to visit you make a reservation two weeks in advance. It must be a good place to go if you have to make reservations that early.

Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve

Take on their gigantic snow hill where you can bring either your own sled or tube to enjoy. The hill doesn't open until after December 1, but the wait is worth it. According to the hill is not for the faint of heat. I say bring it on.

I really hope that one day there is something here in the Tri-State area for people to go tubing and sledding on. There are places to do that, but not to the extreme of the places above.

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