Let me start by saying that while I've been in Quincy for the last 20 years, I'm not technically from Quincy as in "born and raised". So I don't know a lot of the traditions that Quincyans take part in.

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Quincy is known for a lot of historical events. Lincoln-Douglas Debate, tied to the Underground Railroad, the mafia, but to all of us that live here know what it's like to be a Quincyan. We take pride in knowing these "secrets" that make out town better, and I want everyone who visits our town to know what they need to do while visiting. Remember, sharing is caring.

So, I asked our Facebook audience exactly how you know you're really FROM Quincy. Here are some of my favorite responses...

  1. You travel halfway around the globe...and still run into someone you know.
  2. Your idea of adventure is going to Quinssippi Island.
  3. You drive over the bridge to get cheaper gas!
  4. You hit Maid-Rite, Gem City Pizzeria, and what used to be Dixie Cream Donuts.
  5. You describe Quincy to outsiders as "there is a bar & a church on every corner."
  6. Two words: Church Picnic.
  7. After a storm or a flood you take a family trip to assess the situation/damage.
  8. You can buy a mansion for under $350,000.
  9. You know what it means when people say "bad luck stoplight".
  10. You know Larry's Tavern started at 5:05 on St. Patrick's Day.

Know any we missed? Let us know!

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